Our Services

How we contribute to
your company's success


We’ll equip you for the War for Talents.

  • Leadership sparring on questions of people and company management
  • Assessing the elements of New Work that suit your company and supporting you in the journey of getting there
  • Our focus lies on talent acquisition, performance management, company culture, people development, organizational design and onboarding
  • Human resources consulting and process optimization
    (including strategy, processes, templates, tools / software and / or training)

We’ll ensure the execution of your strategy.

  • Management of strategic or operational projects – often, these are projects the current personnel cannot handle in addition to their daily workload due to capacity reasons, but which are essential to business success
  • Implementation of project management tools such as Asana, Trello and others in the whole company or specific teams

We'll increase the performance of your teams.

  • Building a system in which everything is aligned: from purpose and vision over values and company culture to goals and strategies
  • C-Level sparring on strategic and operational questions (e.g. organizational development, people strategy, operations, tool choice,...)
  • Analysis and optimization of existing structures and processes across different business units
  • Leadership Feedback Sessions (Upward Feedback) and Manager Coaching
  • Enhancing data-based decision-making (e.g. by defining and introducing KPI dashboards, adapting management meetings,...)
  • Implementation of goal achievement frameworks such as Objectives and Key Results (OKR)
  • Optimizing (remote) team collaboration
  • Training and coaching on time management and productivity hacks

Ways of collaboration

  • One-off or regular sparring or coaching sessions
  • Consulting projects with strategic or operational focus lasting several days to several months
  • Individual evaluation of the Reiss Motivation Profile
  • Work on site in the company on request (in Germany or international locations)
  • Workshops or trainings

Individual Offer

Every organization and every situation is unique.
Therefore, we adapt our approach to your specific challenges.
After an initial exchange, we will happily prepare an individual offer with a suggested way of proceeding.

Sounds good?