The HR Checklist

for building thriving organizations that win and retain the best talent

You want to build a best-in-class HR strategy to make sure you continue to recruit and retain the talent you need?

You want to identify the right actions to include in your priority planning or next OKR cycle?

Then our HR Checklist (in German and English) based on our work with over 60 organizations could be saving you long hours of analysis - which you probably don't have right now.

Our clients loved having such a structured overview to plan their next steps.

And we believe that you might too.


The HR Checklist won't create your HR strategy for you.

But it will give you a head start in getting there.

Here's what you'll find inside...

MS Excel document containing a list of 80+ elements of a great HR function and a graphical dashboard overview to share with your team or senior management

  • Comprehensive list covering all HR topics you need to look at:
  • Culture & Organizational Development
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Leadership & Performance Management
  • Learning & Development
  • General (incl. admin)

Quickly analyze where you stand and which action fields you want to work on with priority

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The HR Checklist is for you if...

You are starting an HR department from the ground up

The growth of your team calls for more professional HR practices

You have a need for creating a comprehensive HR plan / strategy for the next quarter / year

What our clients say about the HR Checklist

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"The HR Checklist is a great guide for strategic HR management.
It is a comprehensive overview of essential HR components that can be easily overlooked. The Checklist was further reviewed and advised on during the sparring session with Julia. She helped tremendously to prioritise core HR priorities aligned to our strategic objectives. The HR Checklist was absolutely worth the investment to bring our HR management to a more strategic level."

Irina Kormiletskaya

HR & Culture Intelligence Architect
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" I can highly recommend the HR Checklist. It shows at one glance what modern HR should be able to deliver and makes it easy to assess the maturity of your HR organization. The HR Checklist was instrumental for me to assess the status quo of the HR department when I was joining DHL Austria as their new HR Leader. After the initial assessment it was providing support in drafting the HR strategy for the next years and helped with prioritization."

Stephanie Luftensteiner

Senior Director Human Resources, DHL Express Austria
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" We are extremely happy that we came across Julia's HR Checklist offer. As a growing startup, we quickly realized that we needed to set up and structure our internal HR processes more professionally. The HR Checklist came at the right time and has taken a lot of work off our shoulders. It helped us with the analysis of the status quo and with the creation of an HR roadmap. We feel well equipped and confident that we have set the right priorities to build a strong HR for our future."

Ziad Iqbal

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" "Our clients loved having such a structured overview to plan their next steps." - As an actual client of Julia, we can just double down on that. A great tool that provides guidance especially for growing companies like Kaleido AI to prioritize and focus on topics that move the needle the most right now.
The sparring session helped a lot to get an additional external & professional point of view on the status quo, on what's already in good shape, and about potential fields for improvement."

Tanja Zinkl & Jakob Allinger

People Team at kaleido (now part of Canva)
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"The HR checklist from Julia Reis Consulting was a very good basis for us to reflect in a structured way on the various aspects and fields as well as processes of our own HR work and to define optimization needs.
In a joint discussion, Julia Reis responded very flexibly to our questions and gave us many valuable impulses."

CHRO of a German insurance company

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" The Julia Reis Consulting HR checklist saved us a lot of time and research work in setting up our HR strategy. We were able to see directly in which areas there was an urgent need for action and which areas were already functioning relatively solidly at our company. This allowed us to quickly filter out the most important projects and derive sensible measures."

Lilly Janoschka

HR Manager
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" The HR checklist is a great planning tool for Lie Detectors.
It offers an holistic approach to HR, covering everything from payroll management to the importance of decorating the desk of each new starter. This checklist highlights what we should focus on, taking into account both the current situation and the future needs of the organisation and its employees. Discussing this with Julia helped us to prioritise and led to clear action points."

Peter Schaffler

Operations Director

Ready to take your HR practices to the next level?

299 € (+VAT)
  • Everything from STANDARD package +
  • 1 hour sparring session with Julia Reis to discuss open questions, prioritization, and potential measures (limited offer -
    less than five left)
149 € (+VAT)
  • HR Checklist (in form of a MS Excel) including written instructions on how to make the most out of it
  • In English and German language
  • No consulting / sparring included
You would like to use the HR Checklist in more than one organization?
Our normal packages only include the usage rights within one organization but we offer special rates for VCs, company builders, consultants etc. who would like to apply the Checklist in more than one company.


Who is the HR Checklist for?

Most of the people who bought our Checklist so far were either founders, C-level managers or HR leaders. But some of our customers are also individual contributors within HR who want to get their strategy work to the next level.

The Checklist can also be an excellent resource for company builders or consulting companies within  the HR space. If you belong to these groups, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss special deals for a multi-organizational license. 

In which format will I receive the HR Checklist?

You will receive it as a digital Microsoft Excel document - once in English and once in German. We deliberately chose this format to make the document as customizable for you as possible. You can fully edit it to make it your own and share it within your organization. We trust in you that you won’t share the document with third parties as this would be against our licensing agreement.

In addition, you will of course automatically receive a complete invoice, so make sure to enter all legally relevant information when buying the Checklist.

Is the HR Checklist worth the money?

Based on our own experiences and the customer feedback we received, we are confident that the HR Checklist will prove to be a valuable resource for you. It can save you dozens of hours of research about possible elements of your HR strategy and helps you to focus your energy on the things that matter. 

When thinking about the ROI (return on investment) of the Checklist: what are less than 150 Euros (+ VAT) for the Standard Checklist in comparison to the time and money gained by focussing on the right next steps in your HR practices?

You’re still skeptical?  We offer you a money-back guarantee. If you buy the Checklist and don’t find it useful, you can just drop us a line within 7 days after purchasing it and we will provide you with a full refund.

When should I consider purchasing a Premium HR Checklist?

The Standard package already contains all you need to get started with evaluating and rethinking your HR strategy. The product is designed to be ready to use and accessible to businesses of all sizes, and support you in independently evaluating the status quo of your HR practices. It contains short descriptions of all the most crucial elements of HR operations. 

You don’t believe us? Check out the free sample section of the HR Checklist here, and see for yourself how straightforward it is! 

The Premium HR Checklist is designed for businesses who need or intend to seek additional support in using the Checklist. The sparring session is designed to support a company after the initial status quo analysis and initial evaluation of its operations. It is at this stage that we can come in and support your company in prioritizing focus areas, answer any open questions and help you define next steps. 🤝

Who should NOT buy the HR Checklist?

This is a tough one for us as we genuinely believe that the Checklist is worth the investment for almost all organizations out there. If we were pushed to name organizations for whom it would not be useful, we would say: those below around 10 people and not intending to grow much and those who believe they are already doing everything right across all HR functions and don't have any trouble winning and retaining the best talent.

The Checklist is jurisdiction-agnostic, which means that it doesn’t matter where your organization is based globally. This of course also means that local legal requirements are not included in detail. Instead, there would be a checklist element included asking you whether you comply with local regulations on XYZ (e.g. health and safety). 

You have any other questions on the HR Checklist?Don't hesitate to drop us an email to

Still not convinced?

Check out a free sample section of the HR Checklist!