The Feedback Essentials Toolkit

for people managers who want to master giving & receiving feedback

Do you want to be a leader who regularly offers effective feedback? Do you want your team members to know they can do the same?

A healthy feedback culture is vital for individuals, teams and organisations. But being great at feedback requires a lot of practice.

That's why we developed the Feedback Essentials Toolkit. Instead of going all-in with expensive feedback training, you can use it as a self-study to refresh and deepen your feedback knowledge.

Reflection questions, models and templates will help you to apply this knowledge in your day-to-day work immediately.

Are you ready to take your feedback practices to the next level?

Our Toolkit has you covered.


Here's what you'll find inside the Toolkit...

  • A PDF Guidebook covering all essential feedback topics in an easy-to-digest slide format:
  • Understanding feedback
  • How to give and receive effective feedback
  • How to encourage upward feedback
  • Integrating feedback into your daily work
  • Deep dives into psychological safety, performance management and coaching methods for providing feedback
  • A PDF Workbook including
  • A Reflection section with questions
    and exercises
  • A Tools section with surveys and models that support you to integrate feedback into your daily work

Access to a detailed and ready-to-use template for regular feedback conversations with your team members (in the following formats: Miro, Notion, Google Doc & Sheets)

The Feedback Essentials Toolkit is for you if...

You want to refresh or deepen your knowledge of feedback to be the best leader you can be and enable top performance in your teams.

You have a specific challenge at hand (e.g. how to encourage more upward feedback).

You need practical tools, models and templates to improve your organisation's feedback practices.

The business case for
open and constructive feedback is clear:
It improves team performance, and can help you increase employee engagement and retention.

🚀 Ready to take your feedback practices
to the next level?

Yes, I would like get one for myself only:  

49.99 € (incl. VAT)
  • Your very own licence to the full Feedback Essentials Toolkit
  • You are free to use the included templates with your team members
  • No wider sharing possible

Yes, I would like to get one for my whole organisation:  

199.99 € (incl. VAT)
  • Includes licence for all managers (or other team members) at your organisation of up to 30 people
449.99 € (incl. VAT)
  • Includes licence for all managers (or other team members) at your organisation of up to 100 people
799.99 € (incl. VAT)
  • Includes licence for all managers (or other team members) at your organisation of 100+ people
You would like to use the Feedback Essentials Toolkit in more than one organisation?
Our normal packages only includes the usage rights within one organisation but we offer special rates for VCs, company builders, consultants etc. who would like to use the Feedback Essentials Toolkit in more than one company.

What our clients say about the Toolkit

Testimonial Image

"Its a very well-structured and comprehensive overview on giving & receiving feedback with a modern take challenging some old and established methods that do not fit anymore to my work culture.

What I really like about it are the hands-on templates that I can directly re-use with my employees."

Tamara Stix-Steinwald

Product Owner
Testimonial Image

"I've been working with Julia for 6 years now and I'm super impressed by her approach to all HR-related topics.

With the Feedback Essentials Toolkit, she provided me with a great guide on how we can conduct feedback conversations with new employees right from the start.

Thank you for the inspiration and the great collaboration."

Julian Krahnen

Testimonial Image

"The materials are great.
Very concise and to the point summaries of how to best structure feedback.

Any budding manager will be able to build on these."

Julius Danek

Founder, Start-up in stealth mode
Testimonial Image

"Great toolkit for my team as well as me personally.

We've been doing regular personal development & feedback sessions within the team and have been able to build better relationships and a culture of honest but productive feedback."

Markus Leiter

Venture Architect


Who is the Feedback Essentials Toolkit for?

The Feedback Essentials Toolkit is for all people managers who would like to build a healthy feedback culture in their teams or organisation to make sure that they and their team members get a bit better everyday.

And they want to do so in the most efficient way. Why wait until you have the time to read through all those management books lying on your nightstand if you can get the key content in a condensed and actionable manner with our Toolkit?

In which format will I receive the Feedback Essentials Toolkit?

The Guidebook and the Workbook are PDFs. The templates for regular feedback conversations can be accessed as a Google Doc, Google Sheet, Miro as well as Notion template.

We've invested hundreds of hours in creating this product. And we want to make it as useful as possible to you which is why we decided against embedding it on a webpage or similar. We trust and hope that you are respecting our licensing agreement and don't share the documents with third parties (beyond the purchased licence(s)).

When ordering the Toolkit, you'll automatically receive a complete invoice - so make sure to enter all legally relevant information when purchasing it.

Is the Feedback Essentials Toolkit worth the money?

We think so! If you compare its price with the value that even only a 1% improvement in the performance of your team would bring to your organisation, you will probably see it the same way.

The Toolkit offers everything you need to know about feedback in one place, including practical tools to integrate it into your daily work. No need to read dozens of articles or books or invest in a more expensive training!

You can use the Toolkit for self-study and pace yourself in a way that works for you. Our reflection exercises will help you turn your new knowledge into action. The tools and template are intuitive and you can use them right away.

Who should NOT buy the Feedback Essentials Toolkit?

We believe the Toolkit is worth the investment for everyone who sees room for improvement in their personal or organisational feedback practices.

But should you be looking for one central event to rally your team around the topic of feedback and you have some more budget left, a team-wide training or coaching sessions might be a better option. We offer those, too :)

Do you have any other questions about the Feedback Essentials Toolkit?Don't hesitate to drop us an email to

Ready to become the best leader you can be?