About us

Julia Reis Consulting is a boutique consulting firm offering strategic consulting services as well as interim management focusing on people strategy and organizational effectiveness at start-ups and companies with a future-oriented mindset.

We function as your flexible sparring partner, consultant or interim people professional - depending on your needs.

Every company and every person is unique. We'll work closely with you (including hands-on implementation work), cultivate an authentic and trustful relationship, and tailor our offer and methodology to your specific needs to provide the best possible value.

We have a focus on start-ups, venture capital, company builders and the digital industry, but we also work regularly with SMEs who are open for change and innovative approaches.

One of the best compliments we received from our clients so far, was that we completely changed their views on "consultants" (from the rather negative stereotype to a true value-add and trusted partner).

Our Mission

It is our mission to enable founders, leaders and people professionals to
build better organisations.

What are better organisations?

Those that
…are on a clear path to fulfill their goals,
…consistently attract and retain the talent they need, and
…unleash their teams' potential with the right tools and ways of collaboration.

In sum, these organisations are thriving.

Our Team

Portrait of Julia Reis - Founder and Chief Consultant of Julia Reis Consulting. She has long ginger hair, wears a dark top, glasses and smiles at the camera

Julia Reis -
Founder and Chief Consultant

Before founding Julia Reis Consulting in April 2019, Julia was in charge of the business division of HR Consulting at i-potentials, an HR strategy consultancy focusing on digital business models. In previous positions she worked as Senior Consultant for the leading international strategy consultancy Oliver Wyman, focusing on organisational design and Project Management Office (PMO).

Originally, she studied history and politics as well as public policy in York, Berlin and Washington and was able to gain professional experience in all three sectors (public, non-profit, and private). This is one of the reasons for her flexibility in interacting with various industries and groups of people.

Julia holds certifications as a Reiss Motivation Profile® Master, OKR Master and expert in German labour law. Besides her mother tongue German, she speaks English fluently and has a good command of French and Hungarian.

Her way of working

Julia sees herself as a generalist and having a classic "T-shaped profile", with broad, basic knowledge in various business functions and methods. She has special expertise in human resources (in particular recruiting, performance management, and onboarding), organizational development, leadership, project management and tool use.

She draws from her experience as both a people manager and consultant, focusing on start-ups, other digital businesses, agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Her clients particularly value her honesty, quick thinking, focus on results, empathy and organizational talents as well as her good judgement and continuously high quality standards. Julia always acts as if it was her own company she is dealing with.

Portrait of Charlotte Carnehl Associated Senior Consultant at Julia Reis Consulting. She has blonde hair, wears a dark top and smiles at the camera

Charlotte Carnehl

Associated Senior Consultant

Charlotte is a freelance consultant supporting Julia Reis Consulting for selected projects and clients since August 2023.

She has worked for several German and European non-profit organisations, most recently as an Operations Director.

Charlotte’s excitement for building better organisations was fueled while completing an MBA program at The University of Illinois - Chicago. She’s passionate about efficient processes and productive and healthy team cultures. Her strong suits are putting structure to chaos and facilitating workshops in which every voice is heard.

Charlotte studied political science and international relations in Hamburg and Boston. She’s fluent in German, English and Italian.

Portrait of Roxane Gall Working Student at Julia Reis Consulting. She has brown hair and smiles at the camera

Roxane Gall

Working Student

Roxane has been supporting us as a working student since January 2024 and in this role mainly focuses on research, data management and design tasks.

She has experience working in sales and marketing. Roxane initially started studying law, but decided to switch to sports economics at the University of Bayreuth to refocus her academic and professional path.

She is fluent in German and English.
In addition to her studies, Roxane is a passionate cyclist.

Different hands placed on top of each other as a gesture for teamwork. You can see the people's shoes in the background

...and perhaps soon you?

You feel like we could be a great match based on our values (described below), mission and offerings?

👉 Then apply here!

Our Values

Dark blue icon of a light bulb with a cogwheel in the glass dome

Excellence coupled with pragmatism

  • We always strive for providing high-quality work to our clients and know that continuous learning is a pre-requisite for that.
  • Our clients and team members can count on our commitments.
  • We know when details matter - and when they don't.
Dark blue icon of a diamond

Client value & flexibility

  • It is not our goal to maximize our short-term revenues but provide the most value for our clients. Ideally, you should be rather surprised that you didn't have to pay more.
  • While we care too much for our team members' well-being to sign "client first" in all situations, we still believe that it is part of our job to prioritize client needs whenever possible.
Dark blue icon of a person with a heart on their chest

Honesty & authenticity

  • Even if it is sometimes difficult, we serve as honest and open sparring partners and consultants. We speak the (sometimes uncomfortable) truth.
  • We don't play a role but show our true selves.
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Looking at the whole

  • While we have special expertise in certain areas, we like to see the big picture and move into other areas if needed.
  • We understand ourselves as
    T-shaped professionals.