Management Essentials Toolkit

What you need to succeed in building and managing excellent teams

Why do we launch this?
We are convinced that managers are the key lever for building successful organizations with engaged teams.

We want to offer them an
efficient way to deep dive into essential people management topics and stay on top of the game.


What exactly is the Management Essentials Toolkit?

The Management Essentials Toolkit is a digital document (PowerPoint slide deck in PDF form + templates in form of an Excel / Google Sheet) containing highly-condensed and easily accessible knowledge, practical examples, and best practices on all relevant people management topics. It includes exercises, reflection questions, checklists, and templates to help you make good use of this knowledge in your day-to-day work. A list of recommended tools is also a part of the toolkit.

Who is the Management Essentials Toolkit for?

Managers of all levels, HR Departments, and other professionals (e.g. consultants) who are stepping into leadership roles. In general, the toolkit is for every leader who wants to stay ahead of the game.

Which topics does the Management Essentials Toolkit cover?

The Toolkit focuses on essential people management topics and addresses the most common challenges. You will find input on, among others: hiring, performance management, conflict resolution, feedback, diversity & inclusion, time management,....

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