Top offsite locations: Find the best place for your next team meeting!

By Charlotte Carnehl & Julia Reis

An offsite brings together a team, a department or an entire company at a new location. The aim is usually to work on specific issues or to grow together as a team. 

Suitable locations for an offsite must fulfil certain requirements, from travel options and technical equipment to maximum capacity. Unfortunately, finding the perfect location for your company's needs involves a great deal of research. 

We have the solution to this problem! In this article, you'll find everything you need to know about choosing an offsite location. Once you know what you need, you can find your perfect location among more than 100 options in our free Offsite Location Guide.

What is an offsite?

Regardless of whether your team works in the same office, hybrid or remotely: At an offsite, you come together in an often new location - away from your everyday life and routines.

Why do you need offsite meetings?

For teams with a culture of working in the same office, an offsite offers the opportunity of a joint change of location. For remote teams, offsites are often the only time when all team members come together in person and in the same place. 

The change of location and personal reunion provide the space to dedicate more time and focus to strategic questions or creative problem solutions. 

Of course, team building also takes centre stage! During organised activities or an extended coffee break with a walk, different conversations, new constellations and, in the best case, a lot of creative ideas arise. Often, even long-standing colleagues get to know each other from a different angle during an offsite and trust in each other grows - which will also benefit your team performance.

What are the requirements for offsite locations?

Depending on what type of meeting you have planned and how many participants you are expecting, the requirements for a suitable location will vary. You should consider these basic factors when selecting the ideal offsite location:

  • Budget and team culture: From accommodation in a shared room to a luxurious bungalow - in theory, anything is possible. The offsite location must fit the budget and culture of your organisation. If you are a small, young start-up, a more rustic but creative setting may appeal to you. Traditional companies may prefer a more classic location. In any case, you should also think about the extent to which the location itself is important as an incentive for your team.   
  • Capacity: The venue should be large enough to comfortably accommodate all participants. In addition to any overnight accommodation, this also includes the number of seminar rooms or spaces for team activities. 
  • Location and accessibility: Theoretically, teams can meet anywhere in the world. However, it’s important that the location is easily accessible for everyone and that travelling too far doesn’t become an obstacle. Climate friendliness can also play a role for some teams - because a short journey without a flight saves a lot of CO2.
  • Food and catering: Concentrated work requires energy. Therefore, clarify in advance to what extent the location can provide catering with food and drinks or whether there are suitable self-catering options for you.
  • Meeting rooms and workstations: Depending on the size of the team and the objectives of the offsite, you’ll need a different number and equipment of seminar rooms or individual workstations. Do you want to split up into small groups or do you need workstations for "normal" work during the offsite? When choosing your location, pay attention to the exact options on-site to avoid disappointment and to make the most of your time together.
  • Technical equipment: You can bring your own equipment such as laptops or microphones if required. The basic infrastructure - such as Wi-Fi access or power sockets - is a different matter. These must be provided on-site.
  • Additional offers: Would you like to cook, hike or visit a museum together as a team during your time off? Make sure that there are suitable additional offers in the vicinity of the location.

Where can you find a great location for your team meeting?

Whether online research, personal recommendations or professional event planners - there are many ways to find the perfect offsite location. A growing number of providers, for example cloopio or Meetreet, have specialised in finding the right locations for companies. 

Of course, there are also many offers on booking platforms such as Airbnb and However, you often have to take a closer look at each option to find a location that meets the requirements of your meeting.

These are exciting offsite locations in Germany and Europe

For creative exchange and good teamwork, you need the right setting. Here are three great locations for successful offsites, which you can also find - among more than 100 others - in our Offsite Location Guide:

Kemper Hof in Germany

Kemper Hof in Netzeband, Brandenburg, is about an hour's drive from Berlin. It’s suitable for medium-sized teams (up to 60 people) and has six seminar and meeting rooms. Kemper Hof also has a restaurant serving regional dishes.

Facts at a glance:
  • Number of beds: 52 single beds (26 rooms in total)
  • Room price: 100 to 150 euros
  • Price for meeting rooms: depending on size, starts at 200 euros 

Bold Campus in Germany

Large teams often find it particularly difficult to find suitable locations for an offsite event. The modern Bold Campus conference centre in Königstein, Hesse, provides a remedy: it can accommodate more than 150 people. There are also 40 meeting rooms that can be used on request.

Facts at a glance:
  • Number of beds: approx. 200
  • Room price: 100 to 150 euros
  • Price for meeting rooms: on request

The Workation Village in Italy

The Workation Village is located in the Italian region of Piedmont near Turin. It can accommodate teams of up to 200 people but is also available for smaller groups. The village is surrounded by nature and has its own trattoria with largely vegetarian food as well as numerous coworking spaces and workshop rooms.

Facts at a glance:
  • Number of beds: approx. 200
  • Room price: 150 to 200 euros 
  • Price for meeting rooms: on request

The whole offsite location guide

Do you want to take a look at more options? No problem. There are more than 100 other carefully curated offsite locations in our  free Offsite Location Guide - and the list is constantly growing. 

After hours of research and thanks to recommendations from our network, we have compiled a database of the best locations for your upcoming offsite - including filter options for aspects such as possible activities and catering! 

👉 Don't waste any more time, get access to our free guide here and start planning your next team meeting!

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📖 When you are ready to start planning your offsite in detail, you can find our top 5 tips for a successful offsite and a step-by-step checklist for organisation here.

January 14, 2024